10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes Of All Time

Publish By : RDS47 Publish Date : November 22 16

There is an endless choice of options when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. But for many people, it gets quite difficult to be the perfect host and especially if it’s about hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the very first time. Therefore, it is essential for you to know about compulsory dishes you should include and optional dishes which you can choose to ignore.

Besides this, planning a dinner budget is the key factor that comes into play as the whole idea of having a dinner revolves around it. Thus, we have brought to you a compelling list of mouth-watering dishes which would not only steal your guest’s hearts but would also be a taste for them to remember for the rest of their lives.





Dinner sets leave a positive impact on everyone. If you are thinking that something cheesy and fancy is the way to win over your guest’s heart then you are clearly mistaken. I would recommend you take a simpler approach by using a simple dinner set as they leave a positive mark and portrays a decent side of your personality as well.



Traditional pieces like flowers and candles are the reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. And though flowers do make a positive impact and add another star to your dinner, but candles are really something different in adding that subtle effect to the occasion.



Now, this might seem a bit more expensive but if you choose wisely, you can create that mood change amongst your guests. You can use portable speakers which are inexpensive and have great sound quality. Whereas if you are looking for a more extravagant option then I would suggest you buy big-time speakers and you will definitely notice a different vibe all around.



Traditional games are a great way to keep your guests entertained even after having dinner as most guests try to leave after getting their stomachs full. Hence, add some traditional Thanksgiving card games for people of all ages.



If you are targeting a small audience due to a shortage of space then consider moving things around. As changing the setting of your room is the best way to create an exciting little occasion without spending loads of money on your place.




Let’s begin with the most popular 5-star Thanksgiving dish, turkey and gravy. While preparing gravy is not something to feel intimidated about, turkey could be. A traditional turkey can be prepared through an extensive list of ingredients, you can roast it and give it a smokey effect or you can serve it with fried vegetables or simple herbs, either way, the turkey would act as an asset if you ask me!



Dinner rolls are a great way to end your dinner with class. I would recommend you introduce these at the end of the meal when your guests would least expect it which would excite them even more. However, try not to make them in excessively large quantity as it is eaten after your main course.



Used as a side dish, this is an extremely affordable option if you are on a tight budget just throw a bit of cheese and garlic into the mix and see the magic afterward. I would suggest you serve it before having the main course.



Corn is the most flexible ingredient when it comes down to creating a list of items. You can add cream or serve it with salads. Besides this, corn is the only element that could be added in both sweets and spicy stuff isn’t that great!



Dinners are incomplete without a sweet dessert eaten after the main course. No matter how hard you have worked on your house setting and your dinner, if your dessert is not on point you can kiss your dinner goodbye. This is why adding some cranberry sauce is the best way to add that great dramatic taste to your sweet dish with a little aftertaste for everyone to remember.



Thanksgiving meals could make you lose track of the calories you have been counting to lose weight. Besides this, Thanksgiving meals are rich in carbs which could give you an overwhelming feeling afterward. This is why green beans could be a great option as a side dish if you want to keep it light initially and want to make a heavy main course.



This is a great choice if your guests mainly consist of children or young adults or let’s be honest it`s great for everyone. Who could resist the smooth and silky texture of cheese equipped with pasta and chicken, this dish is a great way to target a young audience and grab their attention towards your party.



You can either have “A” dessert or you could have “THE” dessert. It’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is incomplete without a pumpkin pie and is quite easy to make. You can add this as a finisher before winding up your party.



Pecan Pie is definitely a dish to look at due to its buttery and rich taste. This dish has certainly made a place on a table throughout the years and without a pecan pie, your Thanksgiving is incomplete. To make it a bit different, you can add some whipped cream or jam on the top as well.



Perhaps the most widely known side dish eaten on a Thanksgiving dinner. Casseroles are perfect for your holiday feast, you can add veggies, herbs, and spices and could also play with your main ingredients. You can either make a corn casserole or a sweet potato casserole or even both!