10 Natural Foods For A Glowing Skin

Publish By : RDS47 Publish Date : November 22 4

Skin is one of the largest and most essential organs which covers our entire body, which is why it’s also the most noticeable. People unintentionally perceive you by the skin you carry. While every skin tone is beautiful in its own way, everyone wants a bright and shiny skin tone hence, one should look after their skin in every way to feel comfortable in their shoes.

With that being said I bet you have clicked on this article because you are looking to get bright skin as well or it might be your friend who has just found a new skincare routine and is carrying smooth, silky skin. While there might be skin care products which help you in getting better skin, there are some dietary reasons associated with them too. So, let`s take a look at the top 10 foods you could eat to get glowing skin.



The answer to this question is yes as you are what you eat! If you don’t drink water according to the requirement of your body and your diet consists of heavily processed foods containing preservatives and unsaturated fats it would definitely lower the quality of your skin which could cause premature wrinkles skin, skin darkening or acne, whereas if we talk about a healthy diet with balanced macronutrients, not only would it increase the quality of your skin but would keep your organs fit and young.




This vegetable is filled with anti-oxidants which detox your body from harmful bacteria and provides silky skin. They have Vitamin C, A, B, magnesium, and potassium which are all great for the skin, I would recommend you consume raw tomatoes as a whole or if you don’t like their taste you could add them to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Equipped with vitamin C this fruit is known for removing dark spots, and dark circles and hydrating your skin. Strawberries are not only yummy but they play a vital role in the production of collagen which reduces the chance of pre-mature wrinkles, strawberries can also be consumed as a whole or could be added to a salad or juice as well.


Although fish is rumoured to cause acne and heat in your body if you consume it in summer but let me acknowledge the fact that rumours are just rumours, the truth is that fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which could be called the heart and soul of your skin as it helps in keeping your skin hydrated and maintains your skin quality. It is recommended to consume a fish at least 2 times a week to observe the benefits of fish on your skin and hair.


 If you are someone who travels often or is surrounded by dust and pollution then you should add different seeds to your diets such as flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds, they contain vitamin E which repairs your skin and improves its quality, you can sprinkle it over your food or add it in your juice or smoothie.


Avocados are filled with healthy fats which are essential for your skin and joints, avocados give your skin that sparkling look that you have always desired and keep your skin hydrated. You could add them to sandwiches and salads or eat them early in the morning before breakfast.


Many people get misguided when it comes down to dark chocolate, there is a huge difference between dark and chocolates which are sold in the market, dark chocolates are extremely healthy and contain anti-oxidants which remove all toxins from your body and keep your skin healthy, unlike refined chocolates which are filled with refined sugars and harmful preservative which could cause an adverse effect as it could further lower the quality of your skin.


Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants which could maintain the quality of your skin earlier and could protect it from damage. Drink green tea daily or you can also consume it through smoothies and juices, I’m not going to lie it doesn’t have a pleasurable taste at all. Avoid drinking it early in the morning before breakfast if you are having acid reflux or any other medical condition associated with it.


Yes, you have heard it right, drinking plenty of water is the foundation of glowing skin, you won’t be seeing any results if you follow the above-stated remedies and don’t balance your water intake with it as water also has anti-oxidants and oxygen which improves the overall look of your skin and keeps it hydrated. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water.


If we talk about yoghurt then I must say it has everything in its arsenal as yoghurt is filled with healthy fats and probiotics which enhances the appearance of your skin. Yoghurt also contains lactic acid which prevents acne and makes your skin brighter. You can add yoghurt to your daily routine or consume it before having lunch, you can also apply it to your skin.

10) NUTS

Nuts, walnuts, almonds and cashews belong to the same family, they are rich in vitamin E which could add a glowing effect to your face and protect it from damage, you can consume them early in the morning before breakfast or you could soak them overnight and eat them upon waking up. However, I must warn you, consuming nuts in excess amounts could cause body heat therefore drink plenty of water during the day and keep a check on the quantity consumed.