Buy The Best Electric Scooters From Anyhill This Valentines Season

Publish By : RDS47 Publish Date : February 23 21

Scooters, or as we refer to them as “scooteez,” have always been loved by people from all over the world. Whether, it’s about going on an adventure with your soulmate or just a gift to your kid to bring a smile on his face, scooters could delight anyone regardless of their age. While, this is the era of technological innovation, scooters are also being redesigned with some additional features inserted in them. And with the Valentine’s Season upon us, many stores are offering electric scooters with some of the best possible features that you could only dream about. However, they are quite expensive and requires frequent maintenance while traveling at longer distances. But if we talk about the ones being offered at Anyhill, these scooters have all the extravagant features at a very affordable price. Which is why, today, we are going to learn what electric scooters are all about, along with the store overview and how they have the edge over the market. We will also take a look at the products and the pros and cons associated with them. So, buckle up as we head straight to the article.

What Are Electric Scooters, And How Are They Different From The Traditional Ones?

Before getting into the detail of this topic, you just need to know, for starters, that electric scooters are different in every way than the ones which were operated manually. In other words, electric scooters are motorized scooters that doesn’t need any fuel or gasoline to operate, nor they require foot pedaling. Instead, there is a motor installed alongside a long-lasting battery that requires charging after a day or two. The charger comes with a cable, adapter and a plug (in case it’s incompatible with your home socket). This makes these scooters safe to the environment as they are free from combustion.

When it comes to the quality and specs, these scooters are way ahead than time. They are featured with three types of batteries which depends up on your personal preference naming Nickel-metal hybrid, lead-acid, and lithium-ion batteries. Although all three batteries are preferred by experienced individuals but the most popular and durable among the three are the Lithium-ion batteries, as they are the most resilient batteries of all and can last up to 3-5 years, reducing your maintenance cost overall.

The new motorized system is the heart and soul of these electric scooters, as I mentioned earlier. These powerful motors come with a kick-start mechanism as well as the self-start mechanism, depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Apart from this, the maximum speed can stretch over 20 MPH, though many countries have strict laws and regulations and don’t allow you to take it above 15 MPH. So, before you come running at me, make sure to read the rules of your country.


What Makes Anyhill Unique?

Although most scooters are equipped with exciting features and are loved by people from all over the world, but there are a bunch of factors associated with them that are going to trouble you in the long run. The first and the most major drawback is the price of these quite high scooters. But if you visit Anyhill, you will see a major difference in the price. On the contrary, the electric scooters are extremely sensitive and require intense care and maintenance before every trip. Whereas, the scooters at Anyhill have the latest suspension system installed, which allows your transport gadget to travel at longer distances, regardless of how rough the road is. Thus, it’s clear by now that Anyhill should be the priority of every scooter fan across the globe!

Best-Sellers At Anyhill

Anyhill Um-1 Electric Scooter

The new UM-1 electric scooter can steal your heart instantly due to its attractive design and fascinating features. The scooter comes with an LG battery of 7.8A.H that can last easily for 2 days and has a brushless motor which provides you a smooth drive experience with a max speed of 16 MPH. Besides, you can easily carry it elsewhere as it is extremely light and can is easily foldable within 3 seconds! Moreover, the disk-brake in both tires doesn’t restrict you from enjoying your day.


·         Light weight.

·         Has the ability to climb up to 15 degrees.

·         Safe and secure.

·         Can resist up to 250 lbs.


·         Overcharging can reduce its battery life.

Anyhill Um-2 Electric Scooter

If you are someone who wants to extract the best mileage from your scooter, then the new UM-2 electric scooter should be your way to go. As the new scooter comes with a Lithium-ion battery detachable battery which is a fast-charging battery and can give you an average of 50 miles. Apart from this, the new 450W motor gives you a fantastic ride experience and can support up to 300 LBS. So, the next time you are in a mood for an adventure, make sure to take your UM-2 scooter with you!


·         Powerful motor can resist up to 300 LBS.

·         Disk brakes in both tires assures safety during your trip.

·         Innovatively designed.


·         Complaints regarding the suspension system.

·         Voltage fluctuation during charging can damage the motor of your scooter.

Anyhill Um-3 Kids Electric Scooter

Parents are often afraid of letting there kids out for a trip due to some safety issues. Which is why, Anyhill has introduced a new scooter which is exclusively made for kids. The scooter comes with a top-notch battery which is heat proof as well as water-repellent. Moreover, the kids exclusive is equipped with a dual-brake system (hand-brake and foot-brake) and has triple riding modes. In other words, if you want to surprise your child without getting concerned about his safety, then the new UM-3 electric scooter is your way to go!


·         Quality battery assures safety.

·         Dual-brake system.

·         Long-lasting battery.


·         Poor range.

·         Max speed is only 9.8 MPH.

8.5-Inch Inner Tire For UM-1

Adventure trips could be fun but could turn out to be the exact opposite, if you haven’t prepared for unforeseen challenges during your trip. Which brings my attention towards the new 8.5-inch tire for UM-1 scooter. The tire is tubeless and can resist several punctures, and can provide you better handling as well as grip during your day out.


·         Tubeless.

·         Better grip.


·         Has a very short life.