Places To Try Out While Travelling In Paris

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Travelling is peace of mind; as you might have noticed, people who explore different places are far away from mental health issues. It is a high recommendation for everyone to travel every few months. However, choosing a destination could be challenging, especially if it`s your first time traveling. You may choose the wrong destination, which turns out boring and could be a waste of money. Don`t worry; I have got your back on this one! Today I will tell you about Paris, a city which won`t disappoint you and could become your dream destination. Let`s learn more about Paris and the places you could visit there.

5 Amazing Facts About Paris, France

Paris Has 5 Statues Of Liberty

This might have surprised you, as most people only know about the Statue of Liberty in New York, America. People don`t know that Paris holds 5 replicas of the statue of liberty. In fact! The one which is located in the USA was gifted by the French too.

One Of The Most Famous Painting Is Located In Paris

If you are deeply attached to art, then you must have heard about the famous painting Monalisa, which was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci and is hosted by Louvre Museum located in Paris. The painting is loved by well-known global artists and is visited by people worldwide as it features a woman who displays subtle emotions and could make you fall in love if you watch it intensely.

Paris Is Referred To As The City Of Lights

As you all know, the city of lights is the second name of Paris due to its vibrant atmosphere and illuminated lighting. Besides this, Paris was the first city to introduce street lights in the 17th century. The primary purpose was to provide safety to the people who used to travel late at night. Little did the early French know that this concept would gain so much popularity.

Paris Has An Underground City

While Paris is referred to as the city of lights, the underground city is quite the opposite. The underground city is known as the Catacombs, which in other words, means darkness. If you are a fan of history, then the underground city is the way for you to go as the place carries the remains of 6 million Parisians underneath it!

450 Gardens And Parks

If you love to chill in gardens while on the road, look no further. Paris is covered with plenty of parks and gardens around the city and is absolutely free to visit. It`s safe to say that the city keeps its residents and tourists entertained through exciting destinations.

Places To Visit While Travelling In Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

Let`s be honest; the Eiffel tower is a name known by everyone all around the world. Hence, Paris is incomplete without this monumental structure. The building is 324 meters high and is visited by 7 million visitors every year, which makes it the most visited place in the world. Besides this, you can enjoy the view of Paris from different angles on every floor. If you consider visiting Paris, add this location to your wish list.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This Roman Catholic Cathedral began its construction in 1163 and finished it in 1345 to create a fine piece of art. The structure holds sculptures that add a sacred and unique effect to the rooftop. Besides this, if you stand at the top of the structure after climbing 387 steps, it`s a sight that would open your eyes.

Arc Of Triumph

This ancient architecture holds a list of historical events within itself, as the names of 558 generals who successfully defended their country are engraved on the walls of this monument. Apart from this, the structure is the largest of its kind in the world and is a sight to visit due to the appealing sculptures inserted in it. I recommend you visit this place and assure you that you wouldn`t regret your decision!

Palace Of Versailles

The palace of Versailles is the most famous castle in France. This castle was used for political campaigns and was a sign of the superiority of French men over Europeans. Besides this, the castle held multiple political events from 1682 to 1789. The palace of Versailles is a must-see if you visit France, as the site contains compelling art designs, beautiful furniture, and a pleasing architectural design.

Disneyland Paris

This is the most widely known destination worldwide due to the animated cartoons featured by Walt Disney. The site is 32 Km from central Paris and is interesting to witness if you have been a fan of Disneyland your entire childhood. On the other hand, Disneyland Paris has two themed parks, Disneyland with Sleeping Beauty`s castle and Walt Disney Studios. In comparison, the top attractions are Space Mountains, a Small World equipped with a Big Thunder Mountain.