Six must have family traditions to strengthen family systems

Publish By : RDS47 Publish Date : November 22 30

Living in an instant is a bit too much for adults and kids alike in this fast-paced world. Multiple errands can be exhausting. Weekdays are mundane and busy, leaving no room for family time. However, weekends are a perfect time for unwinding and collective fun. 


Family traditions observed occasionally give a feeling of belonging, and mutual connection, create good memoirs and tightly knits the family together. Simple love language signs hold more importance than expected. Keep reading to learn some of the traditions to have in your household.


Gratitude Time: 


A tradition as simple as sharing moments and reasons of gratitude with family members regularly can be a significant step toward strengthening bonds, character-building, and finding happiness in little things. You can start the ritual every week, and it can be done easily anytime. 


If you want to light things up once in a while, you can add a compliment jar with handwritten chits sharing compliments. Small reminders and good gestures can make a crazy day better. 


Weekend Family Night:


We all say TGIF (thank God it`s Friday), so bring out those board games, movies, and question lists. Friday nights are a perfect time to connect, especially at home. After a week of work, interviewing each other with fun questions can be a total mood booster and the best way to get to know each other. 


The family-friendly, feel-good, or comic movies never hurt anyone. Get snack buckets and dim lights, and experience the cinema at home. Make sure the content is palatable to all age brackets. However, playing cards, board games, and dumb charades, along with a sleepover in the living room or canopies, can be quite memorable.


Story Night:


Fortunate is those who have listened to the family stories of their elders and their past. This gives a peek into the world, places, people, their challenges, habits, morals, routines, struggles, important life events, and attitudes in yesteryears. Story night can be the time when kids and adults can feel connected and have a sense of belonging to their roots while teaching mannerisms without being boring and lecturing. Regardless of age, children are more likely to connect to their elders` stories, learn life lessons, and derive their values compared to fiction. Exciting stories and life events such as how the parents met, how the elders were in their childhood, what games they played, and their achievements can be endearing to listen to and pass on to the generations and certainly impact positively. 


Circle of Truth:  


A great way to build trust is to listen to the truths of loved ones in a safe, judgment and punishment-free way. It is a game every family should play to strengthen bonds and instill trust among family members. This can prevent people from going astray from familial bonds and bridge the mental and emotional gap. This further lets people know each other`s priorities, ideas, visions, and problems, and they can later add advice or solution providers as well. It can be done every week or as per your personal preference. 


Game of Favorites:


An amazing way to get to know and be reminded of each other`s choices and preferences when everyone`s together. A sure way to keep everyone off-screen is to ask everyone something that is their ultimate favorite. The questions can vary from their favorite place to travel, live, dine out, and hang out with friends, to their favorite colors, hobby, seasons, memory, books, festival, movies, games, relatives, friends, favorite games, professions, food teacher and what not. 


What a great way to break the preachy cycle and explore your own people in a fun way, and strike up conversations. These games are likely to be a mood-lifter. You can make it more exciting and personal by giving them a choice and naming it "this or that."


Family Welfare Volunteering:


This tradition must be observed to teach humility, productivity, a sense of service beyond self, helpfulness, and a sense of contentment. Being practically able to do your part for any cause is far more satisfying than criticism. Start small by volunteering in your children`s school or nearby community centers can be a help. Helping a friend with chores can give a huge sense of selflessness and time management. However, visiting hospitals, old homes, orphanages, food drives, and marathons for a cause are undoubtedly acts of welfare. 


Family traditions are likely to strengthen bonds with your spouse, siblings, parents, grandparents, relatives, children, acquaintances, and friends. These can greatly impact our lives while keeping us grounded, broadening our horizons, and feeling grateful and content for everything in life.